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Titusonic Boom

Nov 14, 2018 | Industry News From Issue 15

Modulr+ now provides its fully assembled cabinets to homeowners in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Designed for living and built for life, the company’s products are made to last. Utilising patented Titusonic ultrasound fastening technology, Modulr+ welds its cabinets’ joins together, reducing the need for harmful adhesives and solvents. This ensures that each product’s assembly is quicker, cleaner and stronger, so that your kitchen is ready in hours rather than months!

Available with a range of customisation options, each Modulr+ kitchen is tailored to complement the needs and lifestyle of the occupants. All of the cabinets are made in Australia and pre-drilled to suit your space and appliances. Modulr+ also sells additional home products, including benchtops, doors, drawers, hardware, sinks and taps, which makes fitting out your kitchen a breeze.

Modulr+ offers a 25-year warranty on its products so that you can rest assured you will enjoy a lifetime of quality and years of satisfaction.