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The Beauty and Spirit of Japanese Craftsmanship

Jun 18, 2020 | Kitchen and Bathroom News

INAX Mosaics and Architectural Ceramics are a sought after product in the Australian design community and are now available exclusive to Artedomus. Drawing on Japanese tradition and culture, INAX artisans produce handmade, extruded, sheeted mosaics and tiles suitable for walls, flooring and benchtops in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, as well as on exterior fa├žades. The unique quality of the glaze and colour of the porcelain ceramics separates them from other products available on the market, and the exceptionally hardwearing tiles undergo a long, slow baking process.

The collection of exquisite and unique tiles is inspired by traditional motifs and created with intricate shapes and carefully calculated thicknesses in order to create textured effects and plays of light and shadows. Artedomus knows the power a singular product can make in a space and is setting the benchmark in truly exceptional stone, tiles, bathware and furniture and architectural surfaces. INAX Mosaics and Architectural Ceramics are on display at its four showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.