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Space Saving Cabinet Solutions

Jun 18, 2020 | Kitchen and Bathroom News

Maximise the use of space in your pantry with intelligent and practical cabinet solutions like Blum’s SPACE TOWER. The SPACE TOWER cabinet can cater to your personal requirements to ensure every item is conveniently located right where you need it. With an option for high, wide and deep pull-outs that fully extend, you can reach even the farthest ingredients at the back of your pantry. The SPACE TOWER’s full extension pull-outs allow for complete use and vision of the interior, with the ability to see everything from all three sides – providing quick, ergonomic access to everyday items. When planning a new build or renovation, aesthetic is often prioritised over functionality. As modern homes tend to have a reduced footprint, inventive storage solutions should be at the forefront of your mind for practicality and ease-of-living.