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Smart Surfaces

Nov 14, 2018 | Industry News From Issue 15

Smartstone introduces its exceptional Naturale Collection of honed quartz surfaces, which are manufactured to replicate the authentic,
semi-matte look of natural stone, while delivering the brand’s trademark durability.

The dimensions of each slab are an impressive 3200mm x 1600mm, which makes the collection highly cost-effective and offers greater design possibilities. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom benchtops, the collection can be used for a near-endless list of applications, including cabinetry, coffee tables, splashbacks and more.

The Naturale Collection is available in five honed surfaces, including ‘Ash Naturale’, ‘Blanco Naturale’, ‘Borghini Naturale’, ‘Concreto Naturale’ and ‘Gris Naturale’. If you’re looking for a raw, industrial look, try ‘Concreto Naturale’, or for a more subtle texture opt for the speckled steel-grey finish of ‘Gris Naturale’.

Each surface in the Naturale Collection has been awarded Smartstone Certification and comes with a 15-year limited warranty. Visit
Smartstone’s Brisbane showroom to view the new collection today and experience the difference for yourself.