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Simmer & Sear

Apr 29, 2020 | Kitchen and Bathroom News

Even with chef-level skills, it can be hard to create restaurant-quality dishes with less than amazing appliances. For instance, when it comes to gas cooktops, cold spots and a lack of heat can really impact the outcome of your cooking. ILVE’s new HCB Cooktop Series features new and improved brass burners that offer an even, instantaneous heat, which lets you simmer at low temperatures or instantly increase to searing hot. This new range has taken all the aspects of the previously loved ILVE gas cooktop pedigree and made them just that little bit better. Along with the precise heat control on each burner, they also have front-mounted controls for easier use. Each cooktop also allows for maximum cooking space between each burner to make sure your pots and pans aren’t all squeezed together.