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QKB17 Superior Solid Surface
QKB17 Superior Solid Surface
QKB17 Superior Solid Surface

Superior Solid Surface Project 1

Superior Solid Surface specialises in manufacturing and installing quality solid surface. First conceived as an alternative to granite countertops, solid surface is both durable and highly flexible in its form and applications. It’s composed of a bauxite filler and resin for strength, with pigments and particulates added during the manufacturing process to form countless colours and patterns.

This project, designed by Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace, showcases the striking appearance and versatility of solid surface. The material is chemically cured and can be cut into sheets or shapes as desired. Thanks to its thermoformable properties, solid surface can be used to create countertops, splashbacks, wall cladding, flooring, furniture and artistic freeform shapes. The end result is sleek, smooth and can be beautifully patterned or coloured, or made to match the appearance of natural stone. With so many options from one product, the Superior Solid Surface team loves a challenge and prides itself on providing a high-quality final result.

Solid surface offers a lot of advantages to customers besides its stylish appearance and flexibility in shape and colour. As the material is non-porous and anti-bacterial, it’s extremely hygienic and resistant to mildew and mould, making it the perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom services. Joining techniques of solid surface are seamless, and in some cases even invisible to the naked eye.

A simple wash with soapy water makes the solid surface look as good as the day it was installed. If scratches or chips do occur, they are easily repaired at little cost. Superior Solid Surface completes projects across Brisbane and the Gold Coast area, and whether it’s a residential renovation or a commercial fit-out, you can expect the same great customer service and exceptional workmanship.


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