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Image Credit: Revell Landscaping

Only The Finest

Articles From Issue 14

The Freestanding Cooker

While Ultra Violet might seem unconventional and possibly risky as a statement piece, it can perfectly complement a modern kitchen space. An Ultra Violet ILVE freestanding oven will give your kitchen a serene feel, without darkening the space. The colour harmonises beautifully with white, black and even ‘Millennial Pink’ finishes, which can each be incorporated into contemporary kitchens with ease. Ultra Violet also sits nicely with blues and reds, as seen in previous Pantone colour trends. With the ability to be custom-built in colour and function,

ILVE’s freestanding oven range includes the Quadra, Majestic and Nostaglie styles. The Quadra has a selection of five cooking-surface the equally popular Majestic cooker features the same cooktop as the Quadra, with added features such as a space-saving storage drawer for kitchen essentials and a dual-control wok burner. Alternatively, the classic-looking Nostaglie cooker channels a rustic country style while delivering the superb performance for which ILVE is renowned. The year of Ultra Violet is here and soon enough the compelling hue will appear in homes across Australia, starting with the kitchen.

The Outdoor Beverage Centre

Artusi has introduced the Australia’s coldest beverage centre to its exceptional product range. Taking quality and function to the next
level, the Outdoor Beverage Centre is designed for the modern household entertainer and party enthusiast. It’s the ultimate party companion that perfectly chills stored drinks at optimal temperature, regardless of the weather. With key functions including the ‘party’ and ‘super cool’ modes, Artusi’s first bar beverage centre can run at temperatures down to -5°C and can fit up to 190ml x 330ml bottles or 110ml x 500ml bottles at a single time. Comprehensive in

function and sleek in design, the jet-black body boasts a triple-glazed glass door with black trimming. To keep the party popping, the outdoor beverage centre has LED lighting, a touch-control system, an ergonomic handle that’s moulded to the door frame, a glass door that’s heated to reduce condensation, as well as ventilated cooling on three retractable shelves. The beverage centre also features a door-open alarm, so beverages will always remain at optimal drinking temperature. Long gone are the days where drinks are stored in the esky with bags of ice. Artusi has introduced a product that is both highly functional and stunning to look at!

The Granitek Sink

Artusi’s new Granitek Sink series was designed specifically for the modern home chef. Created, manufactured and distributed direct from Italy, the Granitek Sink combines high functionality with sleek lines, easy maintenance and high performance. With a surface that’s created by bonding granite and acrylic resin together, the Granitek Sink has the best-quality finish on the market. The revolutionary and internationally-patended material uses a dynamic moulding technology, which evenly distributes the sink’s components. It also undergoes a specific colouring method in which the granite particles are fired and heated to more than 700°C. Once set, the material is highly resistant to discolouring, and will withstand both high temperatures and heavy impact. Ultimately, Artusi’s Granitek Sinks make a delightful addition to the kitchen. They’re a cook’s necessity, as harsh and abrasive utensils won’t scratch, crack, chip or mark them. As an added bonus, their surface is also highly antibacterial, so you can feel confident that germs won’t linger!

Images courtesy of ILVE