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In It To Win It

Nov 21, 2017 | Industry News From Issue 13

Germancraft Cabinets is proud to announce that its lead designer, Katia Slogrove, attended the 2017 Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute (KDBi) Designer Awards in Adelaide to represent Queensland in the following categories: KDBi Designer – Large Bathrooms QLD, KDBi Designer – Small Kitchens QLD, KDBi Designer – Medium Kitchens QLD, KDBi Designer – Large Kitchens QLD and KDBi Designer – Large Bathrooms QLD.

The annual KBDi Designer Awards was held in September to celebrate the best Australian designers and their outstanding achievements. Slogrove was honoured to be nominated and says that her favourite project to go into the finals was her ARTDECO kitchen. “This project challenged me in every way and I am thrilled with the result,” she says.