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Image Credit: Revell Landscaping

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Redesigning a tired bathroom can be just the freshening touch-up your home needs. Creating a bathroom that is both stylish and functional is the goal, and there are many considerations involved in this process. Catherine Doedens speaks with Kate Deakin-Bell, the marketing manager of Cosentino, to help you with your bathroom transformation.

Stuck with an old bathtub, or an out-of-date feature wall? From choosing a colour scheme to sourcing a qualified electrician, there are many ways to ensure your new bathroom design is as stylish as it is functional.

Before you start knocking down walls with excitement, consolidate your vision for the space and take the time to imagine what your ideal bathroom looks like. Do you want a light-filled, rustic look with wooden accents, or perhaps you’re after a more contemporary aesthetic with dark tiles and subtle pops of colour? No matter the style, it is vital to engage a professional prior to construction. A professional company will be able to give you valuable insight into the best ways to tackle your renovation. For instance, Deakin Bell highlights the significance of understanding your space before beginning; “it’s important to analyse the floorplan of the bathroom to make the most of the space available”.

Ultimately you want your bathroom to suit your current and future needs, so having concrete ideas about what you like and don’t like, as well as any limitations, will keep you in good stead for an enjoyable renovation experience.


Updating your bathroom to become modern and fresh is all in the details. Considering ways in which you can update your existing bathroom can save you time and money. “Worn-out or outdated shower heads and tapware are an obvious giveaway of an old bathroom,” Deakin-Bell says. “Consistency with silhouettes can also improve visual aesthetics – if you have a rectangular basin, replicate this shape with a rectangular shower head and tapware with clean lines.”

During a renovation, smaller fixtures such as door hinges and cabinetry handles are often overlooked in the midst of all the changes, so be sure you aren’t forgetting to swap these out or spruce them up. That being said, there’s no need to throw away valuable items for the sake of it. “Recycle as much as possible while only updating major features like shower heads, shower glass and benchtops,” Deakin-Bell suggests. Similarly, installing a shower niche is a sleek and subtle alternative for creating space to store all your shower essentials.

“The easiest and most cost-effective way to update an old-fashioned bathroom is to spray paint wall tiles,” Deakin-Bell adds. “Opting for neutral tones, like whites and greys can make a small space seem larger and brighten up a room.” Likewise, for a more spacious bathroom, mirrors are a great for opening the space.

Small changes like this may also help offset the cost of some luxurious bathroom additions you may be interested in incorporating, such as a freestanding bathtub or a floating vanity. “Wall mounted vanities add a clean, sophisticated look to bathrooms, and act as the star of the space.” Lighting is also another important element for creating a warm and welcoming space. A combination of natural, mood and task lighting will ensure your bathroom is practical, as well as aesthetically pleasing. For example, installing pendant lights will not only add some extra ambience to the space, but also provide another point of visual interest.

For a timeless bathroom design, a combination of clean lines and matte finishes is an ideal option. “Neutral bathrooms that mimic a Nordic style are always on trend,” Deakin-Bell says. When deciding on the best way to implement new details, maintaining cohesion should be a priority; “continuity can be calming to the eye, as there are no abrupt changes to visually absorb”.


When selecting your décor elements, there are many benefits to a minimalist aesthetic. “For small bathrooms, less is more as they can become cluttered easily. Being consistent with the style direction you are taking is also important,” Deakin-Bell says. Adding a feature pot plant for a pop of colour or, if you have the space, opting for a piece of statement furniture can provide your bathroom with plenty of visual appeal. For timeless simplicity, pale marble look tiles exude style and sophistication in equal measure.


While choosing the features and colour scheme of your bathroom can be a fun process, it can be easy to forget all the practical elements that need to be considered. When it comes to an expectation of how long the renovation will take, Deakin-Bell explains that there can be quite a bit of fluctuation; “no bathroom renovation is the same, so there is no uniform length of time”.

Additionally, while hiring qualified professionals may seem obvious, it’s incredibly important and a step not to be missed. For instance, consulting an electrician can assist with increasing the energy efficiency of your bathroom in the long 

term, and will ensure that the job is done properly, reducing the risk of problems arising later down the line.

For an energy-saving result, Deakin-Bell says the solution is to take advantage of natural lighting and ventilation with “windows, windows and more windows!” If you’re thinking about installing wooden window frames, selecting a hardy timber as well as a high-quality sealer is vital for ensuring longevity.


If you want to make sure your new and improved bathroom is aligned with the latest trends, selecting materials carefully is incredibly important. “Right now, we are seeing the industrial trend take over; however, we predict that the coming year will be a time to go back to basics,” Deakin-Bell says. “Marble will be back and better than ever,” she adds.

While there’s a lot to consider when embarking on a renovation project, there’s plenty of inspiration and advice available to you, which means your dream bathroom is well within reach. Keep in mind that nothing beats quality, and as Deakin-Bell says, “great design and long-lasting materials never go out of style”.

Images courtesy of Cosentino