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Lithostone marble benchtops

Lithostone Surfaces is a trusted wholesale company that has successfully serviced Melbourne since 2011. In 2019, the company plans to venture outside of its home state to open its doors to the Queensland market.

Made from 96 per cent quartz-based products, each engineered stone surface lends itself perfectly to kitchen and bathroom benchtops, splashbacks and floors, as well as various commercial applications.

Available in jumbo-sized slabs and three premium material options, there is no limit to what you might achieve in your design.

Hard to scratch and even harder stain, Lithostone Surfaces’ granite is the ideal option for spaces prone to heavy wear and tear. Available in a variety of colours, the soft mineral flecks in granite are sure to elevate any space.

Softer than granite, marble is a premium choice that is available in a wide range of colours. Starting its life as limestone, marble is created through a crystallisation process, resulting in unique veins and new texture.

Distinguished by its translucent appearance, onyx is a layered stone often sourced from caves. Its beautiful variation in colour and veining make this material a popular option for those seeking a statement piece within their home.

Lithostone Surfaces’ sophisticated palette comprises 28 different colours, including its luxury calacatta range. Quality properties ensure
minimal maintenance requirements and guaranteed longevity, which means caring for your surface has never been easier.

Designed to be enjoyed within any space, the Lithostone Surfaces range should be considered when redesigning your kitchen or bathroom.

Lithostone marble benchtops
Lithostone marble benchtops