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Rogerseller bath tap shower head modern metallic
Rogerseller bath tap shower head modern metallic
Rogerseller bath tap shower head modern metallic

Broadcast-Worthy Bathware

Jun 14, 2019 | Industry News From Issue 16, Kitchen and Bathroom News

Oftentimes the best ideas happen in the shower. Those relaxed few minutes, free from modern-day pressures, allow your mind to wander or your vocal chords to belt your favourite tunes.

An extension of the award-winning Eccentric range, the latest Rogerseller shower collection takes inspiration from the vintage Art Deco
microphones used by some of the world’s most iconic performers.

The new range was carefully created with a distinct circular design and a solid, superior feel. For those who enjoy sleek, refined design features, or anyone who enjoys a bit of singing in the shower, these durable showerheads are engineered to stand the test of time while also remaining environmentally respectful; water output is minimised without compromising on capability.

Available in Rogerseller’s range of Natural Elements finishes, the new collection features a hand shower on rail, hand shower on integrated wall union, dual rail shower and shower rose that can be paired with a matching ceiling or wall arm.

To this day, Rogerseller remains a destination for unique, memorable and inspired bathroom, kitchen and living solutions. Renowned as a premium retailer, manufacturer and importer of bathroom and kitchen products, the brand is committed to offering timeless, premium-quality fixtures and fittings to ensure that only products that meet the highest of standards are incorporated into the ever-expanding Rogerseller compendium.

With exceptional service at the heart of Rogerseller’s philosophy, the new range is now available at its state-of-the-art Brisbane showroom and online.