Blum writes motion with a capital “M”. Its fittings solutions make opening and closing furniture a mesmerising experience and bring enhanced user convenience to the entire home – in particular to kitchens. More than 6,800 employees work hard all over the world to perfect the motion of Blum’s fittings systems.

Geared towards kitchen users, Blum’s goal is to make kitchen users satisfied on a long-term basis. That’s why it focus on their needs. According to Blum’s philosophy of global customer benefits, everyone who makes, sells and assembles furniture should, however, also benefit from Blum fittings.

Blum produces an extremely high standard of quality. Blum products have well-thought-out function, award-winning design and a long life. This high standard of quality also applies to its services and to cooperation with partners.

Blum products are designed to inspire. Everyone who uses them should feel good about using them.
Blum attaches great importance to partnerships and personal dialogue. The range of services it offers today is the result of a regular exchange of ideas and insights with kitchen manufacturers, cabinet-makers and fittings distributors.



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