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Atlite Skylights

With more than 50 years in the skylight business, Atlite Skylights leads the way with uncompromising quality in design, manufacturing, construction and service.

Aside from providing natural light even to the darkest of spaces, skylights can add value to any home and provide a unique architectural feature, as well as a great degree of health benefits that have been associated with receiving regular doses of sunlight.

Skylights can make your dark rooms appear as though the lights are on all the time. You will be able to use and enjoy more of your home without having to worry about using electricity, and therefore, dramatically reduce your bills. Atlite Skylights’ products provide energy-rated natural lighting, thermal protection and ventilation to suit your specific needs.

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, and used in homes Australia-wide, Atlite Skylights also provides energy-efficient lighting solutions to offices, schools, factories, warehouses, sports facilities, gyms and care facilities, to name a few.

With a team of qualified installation tradesmen, Atlite Skylights can install any of its skylight systems for you. By employing its specially-trained tradespeople to carry out the job, together with a 10-year guarantee of performance and quality of materials, you can be confident that every aspect of your skylight installation will be as good as it possibly can be.

Whether it is your bathroom, hallway, lounge, kitchen or any other part of your home, Atlite Skylights has a wide range of skylights available in different shapes and sizes that will unquestionably complement any existing home design.

If you require something unique, the company’s expert team can custom-design and manufacture a skylight to meet your exact requirements. Regardless of where you need natural light in your home, Atlite Skylights can help you select the best skylight solution to fill your home with free, energy-efficient natural daylight.


Atlite Skylights

31 Kembla Street
Tel: (03) 9584 8500
Email: skylight@atlite.com.au
Website: www.atlite.com.au