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Alpha Dispute Resolution & Mediation Service

ADRMS is an Australian owned private company and is entering another year with expectations of gaining momentum and increasing its success.

Founded on more than 30 years of credit management experience in all sectors of business, the knowledge, and on-going knowledge,  is passed on to clients via appointments and personal visits.

Should a client require information not readily available, ADRAMS has access to a variety of sound business information centres to both increase the base knowledge and then pass that back to the enquiring company.

As an associate of EC Credit Control Pty Limited the products and services of that company are made available to all companies during an Obligation Free appointment with the officer responsible for those services or products.

This avoids having to regurgitate the information third hand to higher management who may make a considered opinion without having accurate base information.

Products and services include

  • Debt Recovery Action
  • Compilation and drafting of Terms of Trade specific to the client
  • Registration on the Federal Govt PPSA Register
  • Privacy Policy and Privacy Manual
  • Chattel Lease
  • Hire Agreements
  • Website usage
  • Sub-Contract Agreements
  • Employment Agreements

None of the above are off the shelf , but instead negotiated and drafted with the client and vetted/approved by a firm of Legal Practitioners prior to final presentation of documents.

If you have a gap in your processes and need advice or assistance in any of the above mentioned then make contact with ADRMS to secure an Obligation Free appointment to discuss how this can be remedied in a timely and cost efficient- legal- caring interview.


Alpha Dispute Resolution & Mediation Service

Tel: (07) 3899 3063 – David Lunny
Email: david.lunney@eccreditcontrol.com.au