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Image Credit: Revell Landscaping

All Tiled Up

Step up the style of your bathing zone by forgoing plain tiles and standard tile layouts in favour of those that make an impression. Introducing feature tiles into your bathroom is an ideal solution for those who wish to elevate the look of the space. While feature tiles will inject any bathroom with high-impact style, they can also help anchor a room and infuse it with a hearty dose of character while the rest of the zone is kept simple and fuss-free. Are you ready to let your bathroom take a starring role in your interior design scheme? Behold the power of the bathroom feature tile.

1. Visual Appeal With Texture

While textured tiles aren’t for anyone afraid of a little elbow grease when it comes to cleaning, if you think you’re up to the challenge, they might be the perfect feature tile for your bathroom. A textured tile will infuse your space with additional layers of visual interest, particularly when paired with other textured tiles in similar shades to create an interesting and multidimensional visual and tactile journey.

2. Dazzling Metallics

If you want to infuse your bathroom with more than a touch of sophistication and standout appeal, shimmering metallic feature tiles will allow you to do just that. Use them wall-to-wall for a striking, iridescent statement, or in smaller, defined areas such as a splashback or shower recess for understated glimpses. If the industrial look is more your style, metal tiles are also available with a roughly textured or oxidised rather than shiny finish. Achieve the rustic look with metallic feature tiles that display a rusty or verdigris finish. The interesting patina of various metals can produce a standout feature in the bathroom.


3. Mix And Match

An easy way to ensure your bathroom gets the attention it deserves, while simultaneously infusing your space with personality and visual interest, is to cover the various surfaces with an array of tiles in mixed textures, colours and patterns. The result is a bath zone that makes a bold design statement, and oozes character and eclectic appeal. This design technique works particularly well in monochrome schemes or when using the same colour throughout, as it allows you to introduce visual interest by way of contrasting patterns, without disturbing the pared-back palette of the room.

4. Classic Checker Board Floor

The original statement bathroom floor, an always-appealing checkered tile will instantly lift the look of any bathroom, whether it’s traditional or contemporary in style. To ensure your bath area exudes timeless appeal, stick with a classic monochrome or neutral palette, rather than using tiles in loud hues that outshine this distinctive layout. The black and white palette also lends itself to a variety of vanity options, and looks as bold with floating white cabinetry as it does with classic timber.

5. Eye-Catching Patterns

Patterned tiles that pack a visual punch are the perfect antidote to a bland bathroom. Geometric prints like stripes or chevron are a fail-safe option that you really can’t go wrong with. However, if you desire a look that’s not all about sharp angles and prefer gentle curves, consider tiles that feature floral patterns, vintage-inspired motifs, or softly flowing abstract prints instead.

6. Mosaic Art

Mosaic tiles have long been a feature of some of the most luxurious bathrooms, making a grand statement with their small profile whether expressed in bright colours or in classic white or black. Mosaic tiles also offer the opportunity for art to be created and there is no reasonwhy statement-making art can’t feature in your bathroom. A mesmerising mosaic tile motif commands attention with its arresting design and unique use of colour to create vivid imagery. So, dress up your bathroom with a floral, traditional or abstract motif that features curved lines and intricate detailing for a beautiful effect.

7. Foreign Flair

Go on a journey in more ways than one with tiles that feature exotic motifs from cultures around the world. Not only do they instantly attract the eye thanks to their intricate, alluring patterns and arresting palettes, but they also conjure up images of beautiful, faraway destinations. The result is a soothing sanctuary that’s perfect for escape. Choose patterned tiles in earthy, Mediterranean colours for a striking yet understated look. For a bold statement that has universal and timeless appeal, try the royal blue and sea green patterns of statement Moroccan tile.

8. Lively Layouts

If you can’t find the tile that has the exact pattern you’re after, make it yourself. The beauty of tile is that it can be cut and laid in any shape or form you desire. Find tiles with a texture and colour you love, then lay them out in an interesting pattern such as herringbone. Other unique ways to lay your tiles beyond the basic side-by-side format include pinwheel, basketweave, striped or modular patterns. You might also like to consider adding an accent tile border, which is a great way to introduce a feature tile without committing to an entire wall or floor.

9. Geometry

Not a fan of bright or busy patterns? Rather than choosing tiles that feature elaborate motifs or bold hues, try geometric-shaped tiles in
classic colours such as white or black instead. They will pack a visual punch and draw the eye to whatever element of the room you choose to clad in them, but won’t be too overwhelming in style. Hexagonal or trapezoid tiles are a very ontrend choice. For those who are drawn to geometric shapes but desire a more dynamic look, opt for tiles in vibrant hues, or use coloured grout to highlight the eye-catching shapes.

10. Bold Colours

Brightly coloured feature tiles will always make a lasting impression. Decorate the bulk of the space with crisp white tiles or subdued neutrals so that your coloured tiles can be the standout feature. Let the colour be the hero with a simple tile shape, or pair that impactful colour with a mosaic tile such as fish scale for an extra bold feature. Introduce pops of the same shade throughout the room in your accessories for a balanced and cohesive look.