Freedom Bathrooms

Freedom Bathrooms Freedom Bathrooms Freedom Bathrooms Freedom Bathrooms Freedom Bathrooms
  • Address: 2/10 Old Chatswood Road, Springwood
  • Phone: (07) 3208 2920
  • Fax: (07) 3208 2910



The team at Freedom Bathrooms Pty Ltd believes in creating bathrooms that not only meet the practical needs of the client, but also possess a stylish and beautiful atmosphere. Considering how much time is spent in the bathroom, the company want its clients to feel a sense of retreat and comfort in their home.

Freedom Bathrooms Pty Ltd was started many years ago after the owner - a builder of 30 years who was building his own house at the time - realised there was a gap in the market for quality bathroom design. Shortly after, Freedom Bathrooms Pty Ltd was born. Over the years, the company’s values have remained the same; convenience for the client and quality over quantity.

Freedom Bathrooms Pty Ltd’s large showroom at Springwood showcases ten new bathrooms as well as individual bathroom renovation products. The company is the largest supplier of Timberline vanities in Australia, and specialises in high-end custom vanities to create unique spaces that are designed with the client’s vision in mind.

In order to minimise the overwhelm of home renovations, the Freedom Bathrooms Pty Ltd team provides an easy process. Freedom Bathrooms Pty Ltd offers a free building consultation and quote service, which gives you the opportunity to talk your ideas through with an experienced professional before deciding on a way forward.

During the initial consultation, Freedom Bathrooms Pty Ltd will help to uncover exactly what the client wants from their bathroom renovation, and offer innovative design advice and solutions to incorporate their individual needs. Additional services include design, drafting plans, managing council approvals, engineering, structural changes, building extensions and decking. The company offers a full service from start to finish, and can provide all trades, services and materials.

The company’s hands-on approach to project managing your renovation will ensure your lifestyle isn’t disrupted, and that your new bathroom is completed on time and on budget, leaving you with a shining new space to relax in.

Whether you’re renovating your existing bathroom or starting from scratch, Freedom Bathrooms Pty Ltd offers exceptional workmanship at an affordable price.

The company’s team of licensed builders, plumbers, electricians, skilled tilers and renovation specialists will guide your bathroom renovation from the initial consultation through to final completion.

Visit Freedom Bathrooms Pty Ltd’s new bathroom renovations showroom in Springwood to view a vast range of modern bathroom ideas, along with a comprehensive range of bathroom vanities, showerscreens, toilets, vanity mirrors, spas and bathroom accessories.