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Heart Of The Home
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If you’re the entertainer in your group of friends, then it goes without saying that your kitchen should always be guest- ready and gorgeous. Planning a new kitchen can come with a bit of pressure, which is why Bojana Lazarevska did the work for you and discovered what top design elements to include in the hub of your home.

With the advent and rising popularity of many home cooking shows, such as MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, Australian are opting more and more to entertain at home, rather than to dine out.To truly be the host with the most, your kitchen should be well-equipped to handle large parties, while looking in tip-top shape at
all times.

Here, Queensland Kitchen + Bathroom Design lists the best tips for achieving your dream party kitchen.


An entertainer’s kitchen needs to be efficient. First and foremost, you need to be able to cook up a storm and comfortably move around, whitout feeling like you're limited by your space.

Creating a kitchen that is as inviting as it is practical may seem daunting when you’re planning to have parties of 20 people or more, but thinking ahead always helps to make your decision a bit easier.

First, decide on the best layout for your needs. Whether you’re interested in throwing a large party or a more intimate soiree, a simple, galley- style kitchen with a large island bench works best for most situations.

An open-plan design will aso extend your entertaining space, so aim to create a dining and living area that extends seamlessly from the kitchen. Creating a good flow is credibuly important as it will allow more than one person to move comfortably int he kitche, which means you'll be able to enlist a bit of extra help when cooking for a large number of guests.

To encourage conversation and to make sure that you, as the host, are not left out of the festivities, your kitchen should offer easy interaction with your guests. Placing the sink or stove on the island bench is one way to establish a connection with other areas of your home by allowing you to face your visitors while preparing the food.

For a perfect integration between the indoor/ outdoor spaces, position the kitchen next to your alfresco and make it part of your barbecue area. This can be done by continuing your design elements, such as your benchtop or cupboards, to the outdoors to create a more cohesive space that is both practical and aesthetically appealing – it also means you can communicate with any guests mingling outside!


Your appliances should suit the way you cook and store food. Budding chefs may require several cooking options, while casual cooks will probably be happy with a single oven and dishwasher.

To make your life a lot easier, think about investing in some state-of-the-art appliances. A spacious fridge will allow you to store plenty of food or larger platters, which is ideal if you’re catering for a large crowd.

If you have room for it, consider getting a second dishwasher because there’s nothing worse than enjoying your night with friends only to realise, after everyone leaves, what a big pile of dishes you have left to wash.

Likewise, a second sink will preserve your bench space, while allowing multiple people to prep food or wash plates. A two-sink kitchen is perfect for entertainers, as you can allocate specific
functions to each zone to make food preparation more efficient. For example, the left sink can be used to clean food, while the right sink can be strictly reserved for washing dishes.

A beverage station is a must in any party kitchen. Make sure yours is away from the cooking zone, as guests can stay hydrated without having to enter the workspace. A bar fridge should be positioned at the end of your kitchen or, if space allows for it, at the front of your island bench so guests can reach into it while perched on the bar stools.

A wine cabinet is also an increasingly popular option that can be easily installed under a bench or on a wall.


An entertainer’s kitchen should have a feature element, whether it’s a large island bench or a statement feature wall. While a clean white kitchen will never go out of style, don’t be afraid to go bold with one or two designer elements that will really give your kitchen an edge.

Like in the kitchen above, a colourful splashback makes an impact without being too overpowering. Glass will allow you to turn your splashback into art by incorporating an image underneath.

If you would like to make a more subtle impression, opt for a lighter colour – like mint green tiles, for example – for a safer choice, or brighten up the space with citrus-yellow.

If bright colours aren’t your preference, opt for a muted, matte palette. A party kitchen should be warm and inviting, and exude show-stopping appeal. A dark colour, such as grey, is both welcoming and modern. Try to incorporate this colour in your cabinetry or splashback to make a quick and budget-friendly visual impression, or try it out on a feature wall.


Good lighting can create the perfect ambience in your space. While hanging pendants look classy and floor lights create a soft and sultry mood, lining your kitchen benchtop with lights will create a more contemporary feel that is sure to impress your guests.

Dimmable downlights both illuminate and soften the room as needed, while helping to disguise any bench mess.


For a kitchen you want to show off, make sure you invest in a good butler – butler’s pantry that is! A butler’s pantry will store bulky food, everyday appliances and dirty dishes, while doubling as an extra food prep space. Closing off the butler’s pantry will mean the dishwasher and other noisy appliances can go to work, without intruding on the party atmosphere.

A walk-in pantry will work just as well, allowing you to hide your pots and pans in plain sight, which makes them easily-accessible as well. If you don’t have the space (or the budget) for either a butler’s pantry or walk-in pantry, then pull-out storage and generous drawers ensure you have everything you need nearby, while your kitchen remains tidy.

Bigger items, such as platters, punch bowls and fine china, need to be accessible and out of the way, so utilise your island as much as possible. Some modern island benches incorporate deep drawers underneath the benchtop, where you can store your plates and baking trays. Leave your drawers open for a contemporary look, but make sure everything is stacked away neatly.

If you want a homely kitchen without any of the clutter, consider display cabinets to give your guests a taste of your personal style. Here, you can display some of your favourite items, such as cookbooks and any decorations with an interesting shape or colour.

Finally, open shelving is a great way to provide access to glassware that guests can easily help themselves to, leaving you to get on with the cooking without being interrupted.


The Australian lifestyle is all about bringing the outdoors in, and we’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous climate year-round, so why not make the most of it?

Including a large pass window that looks out onto an external area, such as your deck or surrounding scenery, will promote indoor/outdoor living and ease congestion in the kitchen.

Not only will a pass window connect you to nature and provide an interesting focal point for your guests, but it will also invite plenty of natural light into your kitchen, helping to make it appear more spacious and inviting.

Your appliances should be within easy reach and there should be a comfortable seating arrangement for your guests. As the host, make sure your kitchen design flows and is flexible enough to allow you to enjoy the party while showing off your culinary skills.

Ultimately, your kitchen design should focus solely on bringing people together in a space where you can cook, eat, entertain and be merry in a relaxed space. Now, get cooking!


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